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We have over 15 years experience in delivering IT Training to both public and private sector organisations ranging from Microsoft software to CRM systems through to Legal Case Management and Housing systems. Training to organisations is always aligned to analysing what technology and software they should be using and how to ensure the system is understood and used effectively. So often training is given in one hit without consideration to user needs and how the application should be used – ultimately frustrating for trainees and a poor training investment.

We will discuss with you your learning objectives and devise the most efficient cost effective training solution.

TrainiSkills for Orgsng can be 1 to 1;  traditional classroom method on premise or at out office and can be complimented by e-learning (modules that reinforce the classroom training) and online webinars.


Examples of courses run are below:


Subject Duration Level Description
Microsoft Word 2010/2013  2-3 hours Beginner to Advanced Incl: Navigation and Layout Styles Tables Quick Parts Track Changes Mail Merge
Microsoft Excel 2010/2013  2-3 hours Beginner to Advanced Incl: How to build your spreadsheet Simple and advanced formulas Conditional formatting Linking data Pivot Tables  Graphs
Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013  2-3 hours Beginner to Advanced Incl: Setting up your Views and Layout Manage your Inbox and Folders Calendar and Tasks Mail Options Rules One Note
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2013  2-3 hours Beginner to Advanced Incl: Golden rules of Presentations  Slides and images Adding Animation Slide Master Printing
Using Social Media for your Company 2.5 hours  Beginner to Advanced Incl: Improve your companies profile Branding LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Blogs
Process Mapping with Microsoft Visio 2.5 hours Intermediate to Advanced Incl: How to map a process Basic Flowchart Shapes Swimlane Process (different roles/depts.) Organisation chart Office Layout
Analyse your companies use of its IT system no set time NA Consultancy to discuss and analyse your companies use of its IT systems to ensure maximum efficiency
Legal Case Management Systems no set time NA How to get the best out of your Case Mgt System


Please contact me for an informal chat regarding the above courses, costs or any other courses you would like run.

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