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Digital Inclusion DigitalInclusion

As the Internet becomes embedded in our lives more and more information is now only available online. The days of phoning up for information regarding bus timetables, local services, etc are fast dissapearing. The result is that those without a computer device (i.e laptop) or the knowledge to access this information are being excluded digitally.

Digital Inclusion therefore is about equipping individuals and groups with the digital skills they need to access information on the Internet. This could be:

  • Going onto and searching information on the local council website
  • Setting up and using email for communication
  • Setting up and using Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Learning to use established applications –  Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook

We have over 5 years experience in providing these skills to users and run bespoke Digital Inclusion courses and workshops to cater for individuals and community groups. These can be one off sessions or more detailed courses run over a period of weeks.

Social Media Training Jan 2016 to the SETUP group

Training to Housing Associations and Community Groups 

The needs for tenants to be able to set up Tenant and community groups has greatly increased over the last few years. Providing a useful communication means online group sites also enable documents and photos to be stored and shared. Of course online groups are aslo a great way of promoting events across your disctrict/community. Over the last five years I have been running a variety of courses for local community/ housing association groups. These courses have covered:

  • Introduction to Social Media (Setting up a Facebook Group, Using Twitter)
  • Website design with WordPress
  • Using Social Media for finding work

Clients include: Lewes District Council, Wealden District Council, Amicus Horizon, Southdown Housing

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